The Story Of Stuff

As a consumer-based society, many of us humans focus primarily on having the best version of “Stuff”: cell phones, televisions, computers, clothes, etc. The journey of this Stuff from factory to us is best told by a cartoon video created by Annie Leonard, founder and president of The Story of Stuff Project.


The video instantly went viral, bringing the topic of trash to the forefront of environmental awareness. Annie narrates the cartoon as she takes us through the five main steps of Stuff: extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal.


Beginning with extraction, raw materials from all over the world are collected to move on to production where they are mixed with hazardous chemicals in factories to make the actual product. From the factories, the products are distributed in mass quantities (all the while emitting greenhouse gases in the process) to bulk item stores where we consume them.


As consumers, we have direct control over what we consume, and how we dispose of our waste. At home, don’t be afraid to recycle, or save your food scraps for a composting bin. Trade your old clothes into a thrift store and shop locally to support your community. Will you begin making changes in the Stuff you choose to consume? How will you consider choosing products and clothes at the store? How will you choose to dispose of your “old” products? Take a look at “The Story of Stuff” video to learn more, or visit their website at

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