Phone Buyback

Do you have a smart phone, tablet, or laptop that you are not currently using? Did you know it could be worth money?

At PIN Waste it pays to recycle! We make it easy for you to get paid on most makes and models of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

  1. Simply click the button below and complete a few questions about the phone, tablet, or laptop you would like to sell.

  2. Then, you will be contacted by a PIN Waste representative giving you an estimate about the value of your item.

  3. If you decide to sell your phone, tablet, or laptop, PIN Waste will send you a prepaid mailer to submit your item for final inspection and value decision. Or in many cases, a PIN Waste representative will conveniently pick up your item at your door.

  4. Finally, choose your payout method: PIN Waste will send you a check or credit your waste bill. Your choice!

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